Empty Nest Chirps and Tweets: And Then There Were None.

SCAN0444   IMG_0994I used to stroll our three babies through the mall in their extra- long, stadium-style triple stroller. Every few yards, people said, “You really have your hands full,” or, “Better you than me.” Now friends say, “How’re you doing?” and “I’m praying for you,” and “It must be so quiet at your house with a triple empty nest.”

I never would have believed eighteen years could fly by so fast when we were hip deep in diapers but it did. What a carnival it’s been for a quarter of a century with our four kids and their friends everywhere we looked running around and climbing trees like monkeys. At times like a circus crossed with a county fair and at others, like a prep school study center crossed with a music and dance studio. Fast forward through ballgames, choral and band concerts, marching band competitions, dance recitals, church youth group trips and mission work and the time just flew. It’s inconceivable.

Then came senior year and the sympathy questions from friends started and reality set in. One son said in disbelief before graduation, “Mom, I’ll be in college in three months.”

Finally, August came and everything changed. We’d go to the kitchen and there were no crumbs on the counter or bowls in the sink. No heads to rub or bodies to hug.

Nobody said, “Hey Mom, if you’re making an egg, can you make me one too?” Nobody said, “Hey Mom, can you call this out to me while I finish making my lunch?” Nobody said, “Hey Mom, can you sign this form? I got a letter grade off for not bringing it in yesterday.”

It’s the hubby and me and the animals wandering around this big old house and farm. There’s that saying about silence being deafening. I get that.

When the kids first left, friends texted of their thoughts and prayers for us as they knew how huge this instant triple change would be. Their prayers must have been answered because I expected to be out of Kleenex and mopping my floods of tears with paper towels by now while scaring the animals with my wailing. Instead, I’m less weepy than I was in the awful pre-departure period when my eyes puddled at the very mention of the kids leaving.

The animals are taking it pretty hard and stay with me in every room of the house needing consolation and a lap to make furry. So at least I’m still needed. They have a look that says, “Are you two really all we get now?” The dogs want to go in and out of the front door every few minutes just to see if anything has changed. I know the feeling.

6 thoughts on “Empty Nest Chirps and Tweets: And Then There Were None.

  1. That was great, Lisa! I didn’t know you had this blog. Very professional!


    • Hey Melanie. Thanks so much. Yes, this is part of my writing passion. Hopefully with the extra hours from the empty nest I’ll get back on a regular schedule of blogging. My writing instructor suggests I “blog a book” but as you can see I enjoy so many different topics, I can’t choose just one. I’m waiting to see which one attracts the most interests from the blog entries and then I’ll see what happens. If you’re signed on to follow all the posts will automatically go to your e-mail. Have a fabulous day.

  2. Love this…and it hits home for me since our youngest of five also left the nest this September. You are already blossoming to fill all that space with your writing and introspection! I can’t wait to read more…

  3. Silence.
    I know you wrote this some time ago…
    And I will read your other posts, the fresher ones, in the same category, to follow along to see how things have evolved.
    But, hanging head, I’m already getting bleary eyed thinking about them going to college. Sheeesh! And my youngest is only 11. I’m going to have to buy another horse!

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