August 2, 2019


Birthing a Book: Whew! It Takes Patience and Persistence

Surprise! Here’s a peek at my soon to be born baby. I mean book. You may notice the cover is brighter now than the natural color plan I posted a good while back. I decided to brighten the book shelves of the world a little bit. Some people say, there’s a book inside everybody. Maybe […]

March 2, 2019


Finish the Book Already: Ignore Distractions

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman Have mercy! Between my husband chopping wood outside my office window, my cat lounging all over my messy desk, my dogs underneath my feet begging to go in and out, this book is on the slow track to completion.   My thought is, those who can’t do, watch. And be distracted. […]


Opinions Needed: (You Don’t Hear That Very Often) Finalizing Book Cover and Title Selection

  By Lisa Batten Kunkleman   I have several potential designs for a book cover and am looking for input. Have mercy! I never knew how tough it would be to publish a book. Actually to prepare a book for publication. Wow. Writing it was not the hard part. Decisions, decisions.  I never thought much […]