5 thoughts on “So What Did the Doctor Say? by Lisa Kunkleman

  1. I don’t think Remy is at all sure it isn’t a snake, moreover, he still barks at me every time I come in the door. Otherwise he tries to be normal. Mandy is older and wiser.

  2. Hmm, bite it and find out! What a sweet bunch! šŸ˜€

  3. Thanks Linda. They are a sweet bunch. And that tail can slap hard when she gets excited and wags hard.

  4. I have an English shepherd. Are they Aussies or English shepherds, the two on the right. I think I told you my daughter has a dog named Remi. Nice puppies. Mine got her collar caught on the bottom drawer of the oven and pulled it all over the living room in a panic tonight. You couldn’t believe the racket. Not a happy doggie.

    • That is a coon hound with the tail, the black and white is a Sheltie and the multi color is a border collie/St. Bernard mix. Yes. Remi the Sheltie. That must have been a hoot. A good reason to panic.

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