Happiness is so Fun To Watch by Lisa Batten Kunkleman

When life gets tough, try to find things to make you smile. Use all your senses to find it. Smell that toast. Rub that fleecy blanket. Listen to upbeat music. Taste that good smelling toast. Watch our granddog living large with his best friend, Water. He’s using all his senses I’m certain.

Tucker Dog and his best buddy, Water.

6 thoughts on “Happiness is so Fun To Watch by Lisa Batten Kunkleman

  1. That’s great. Neat dog.

  2. What a beautiful dog!

  3. Nothing gives me joy like watching a happy dog playing 🙂

    • Me either. Better than a meditation app or sound machine for me. As a matter of fact I’m away from him today doing stressful stuff. I should sit somewhere and absorb his happy vibes saved on my phone.

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