Chewing Dogs Pretend They’ve Outgrown It: Don’t Believe It

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

I saw my shoes by the front door when I left the house for writing class. I thought to myself, Tucker, our sweet grand dog seems to have outgrown his chewing phase. I won’t be gone long. Surely they’ll be fine.

Yeah right. I am such a sucker for some big beautiful eyes. So much for those prescription orthotic innersoles that have helped relieve my planter fasciitis so nicely. So much for the doggie doo plastic bags on his leash that happened to be lying within his reach somewhere. And just moments ago I heard a strange noise out on the front patio, a clicking sound. Checking that out, I found a planter chewed in half and it’s former contents, a Clematis, tossed aside with its naked root ball exposed.

Let this serve as a warning. Once a chewer, likely always a chewer. Stay vigilant. Keep your guard up. Dog proof your house and your yard. When something gets chewed up keep in mind that it must be your fault. And if you have any doubt while you’re scolding your dog, look into those eyes and you’ll start to feel guilt. Don’t believe it. Your dog may be yearning for you to leave.

19 thoughts on “Chewing Dogs Pretend They’ve Outgrown It: Don’t Believe It

  1. That sweet face couldn’t be guilty of anything.

  2. The second image is priceless. Here once a moocher, always a moocher. As a puppy she tore open Christmas candy packages. Now she slides things off the counter and eats them. Only when we are away of course!

  3. I only have cats. But they do their own mischief!

    • Oh man I know that is right. We have an old cat who is very unhappy with our grand dogs and grand cat coming to visit. She has shown her displeasure by expressing herself on the kids beds and I are loveseat. Our leather loveseat that we loved. It’s now out in the barn until we can figure out what to do because the smell won’t go away.

  4. I need a dog who cleans toilets, Lisa. 🙂 If I were a dog, I know I’d be chewing everything. Great photos!

  5. Hahaha – What a face!!!

    We tried once to get our Aussie to bring in the newspaper but he destroyed it instead. And the book bindings of my best big art books close to the floor.

    Yup left alone it’s just too tempting!!!! It’s also I think a clear statement of : don’t leave me! If you do, I get bored and will rip the place to shreds. Take me with you!!


    • Sorry about your stuff. Oh well. Helps in a quest to become a minimalist. Oh yeah. I’ve got to use the outside fence more often when I’m gone. He likes to bark at the squirrels and respond to all the dogs in a distance.

  6. I think I’d like to grow up to be like Tucker. (mom feels a little differently, as she loves her shoes and gets upset when they eventually go to the great Shoe Heaven.
    Sending licks and snorts to Tucker … and to you too. 😀 ~ Hugo!

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