March 20, 2022


Even Windchimes Have Off Days

If you’re feeling kind of “off” and not your usual melodic or chipper self, take a look inside for stuff that needs to be cleared out. Even windchimes have visitors like dirt dobbers and spiders that leave gunk behind, clogging up lightness and tinkles. Don’t keep that mess inside clogging up life. Talk to someone about the junk that’s blocking your lightness. Clear the path so you can see light at the other end and make life a lovely sound.

Get a friend to help you get rid of your junk and clogs
Lightness and beautiful sounds once the junk is removed.

8 thoughts on “Even Windchimes Have Off Days

  1. I enjoyed this, Lisa.

    • Thanks Jill. Btw did I possibly see your mother at Matthews dental care this past Thursday?

      • Oh my word…yes! She did have a cleaning. Are you a patient there, too? What a small world.

        • Yes. I had a cleaning as well. She had on a mask so I wasn’t sure and she wasn’t dancing so I still wasn’t sure but I knew if it was not her she had a doppelgänger.

          • That’s hilarious! I guess she was on her best behavior. What a small world, Lisa. Why did I think you lived in the mountains of NC?

            • Our daughter Sarah used to live in the mountains and she and her brother Joe Went to Western Carolina so we were up there often. Nope we live in southeast Charlotte and my husband’s family home. We spend a lot of time at Lake Waccamaw/Whiteville to be near my mom who is 93. Your mom was very quiet and still. A model citizen.

  2. While it had never occurred to me to clean wind chimes, you did make me realize that my bird feeders could use a good scrub.

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