October 21, 2018


Lessons From The Empty Nest: Toenail Wisdom From One of The Visiting Birdies

A6D3EC0B-0E95-4034-A535-E86DAE14B757By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

I’m delighted to say, I have neglected my blog lately. Yep, happy because I’ve been busy spending time with those kiddos who fluttered out of the nest. We’ve either visited them or they’ve visited us. It’s been so fantabulous. We’ve gotten our baby bird fix and even learned a few things.  I’ll share a bit of that wisdom now.

I decided to stretch my readers’ minds by showing ya’ll how to cut your toenails inside the house without shooting them all over the room. Our oldest (by one minute) son Joe came up with this idea in a mere instant. He was headed to scoop his cat’s litter box and decided to use the bag as a toenail catcher first before becoming a feline poo recepticle.

Now you see why I’m so proud of my birds. They come up with innovative ideas and then teach their father and me how to use their newfound skills. (My dad taught me to sit on the back steps outside to cut my toenails. Sometimes it was too doggone hot or cold. Sorry Dad.)

I hope you will employ and enjoy7EDADC90-450C-4F4B-B15C-5682A405632C this useful life hack. Now clip those nails without leaving a trace of evidence you’ve been there. Carry on.

16 thoughts on “Lessons From The Empty Nest: Toenail Wisdom From One of The Visiting Birdies

  1. Too clever by far. Now if I could only remember!

  2. Fun times!! Cherish the memories! <3

  3. I love it! No toenail left behind!



    • Hey Lady. I’ve got lots to learn, so it seems. Gonna keep my eyes open for more life hacks from young people. Short cuts and such. Been doing things the hard way far too long.

  4. This is too hilarious for words… Whenever I visit with my sons, I have to clip their toenails for them… still… and they are 30 and 28!! Hahaha.


    • Oh my! I give head rubs but haven’t done pedicures yet. I’m gonna hold out on that one. But I do rub feet. It’s a family thing around here. We all love a good foot rub. Gotta give to get sometimes.

  5. Ha ha ha. People are so ingenious, especially the young’uns who aren’t set in their ways. I do clip my nails over the toilet bowl (more than you wanted to know, probably!) Then I flush them away. 🙂

  6. This could be an awesome series, or perhaps even a book: Lessons From An Empty Bag. 🙂

  7. Haha! Perfect innovation! Nothing worse than finding those toenails lying around! 😁

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