May 7, 2019


Our Dogs, The Garden Protectors

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

Does your dog take time to smell the roses? Ours do. And the new hydrangea. Like typical work foremen, they watch our every move making sure we spread grass seed just so. They crouch among the budding flowers, guarding them from all the scavenging deer that even eat thorny rose bushes. Neither one of our colorful dogs is designed for camouflage, at least in our yard. Maybe being seen (and heard) is their greatest skill as  garden protectors. I don’t see any deer in these pictures.



12 thoughts on “Our Dogs, The Garden Protectors

  1. Awh! What dear pictures, such cute dogs and lovely flowers!

  2. Your dogs are gorgeous!

  3. What beautiful pups! I have 4 cats—all indoor, so no help in the garden:)

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