Beeps and Bongs and Chimes, Oh My!

Beeps and Bongs and Chimes Oh My!

By Lisa Kunkleman

These days, I can get nagged from every corner of the house even when I’m all alone except for the animals. I’m used to my family ever so gently telling me when I’m doing something wrong or forgetting things but lately I’m getting reminders from my electronics, too. It’s becoming a bit much.

I need to set my phone’s in-box so it doesn’t ping and ting every time I get a ding dang e-mail! I will check it myself when I get good and ready, thank you very much.

I hear beeps and bongs and chimes no matter where I go. I can’t figure out which appliance is telling me what to do when.

This morning, as I loaded the dishwasher, I heard an unfamiliar delicate ping from across the room. I asked the dogs, “Do you hear that?” They looked around the kitchen, and seeing no movement, were obviously confused too.

After hearing the sound repeat itself three times, I walked to the table and checked my new phone, and there it was. My husband had sent a text that needed immediate attention. Of course it did. That pretty sound came from my brand new phone with all kinds of new noises that I don’t recognize. I knew this because it dinged all night announcing mail from Reader’s Digest, the local performing arts center box office, and Restaurant.com since those couldn’t wait till daylight. I guess I’d been subconsciously conditioned to ignore any dang ding. I planned to adjust the sounds later but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

If I leave the laundry in the dryer ten minutes longer than I should, I get a reminder song of “do do do do do.” It’s much prettier than it looks on paper. If I stand and look in the fridge with even a few seconds of indecision, the darn thing sings me a melody that says, “You’re letting the cold air out so close the door, woman.” I sing back, “You’re lucky you’re so full of condiments, there’s no room left for old moldy food. So just hush.”

I kinda like the sounds of the dishwasher. Its pretty voice sings to let me know it’s done. No demands or judgment. I can leave it as long as I want and the mugs and plates won’t wrinkle or sour.

Now where did I put my phone after I set it on silent? Dang!

3 thoughts on “Beeps and Bongs and Chimes, Oh My!

  1. Love this! It is so true! A reminder to me to reset things to stop pinging and dinging at me.

  2. I think I need to find a computer that chirps and bings and give if to my BFF. I swear she only checks her email one every six weeks or so – if that. (This is by her own admission, BTW.) I send important stuff to her husband, knowing he will pass the message along.

    I have avoided getting a cell phone that nags me, and firmly intened to keep it that way!

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