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Can My Hound Tell Time?

Can My Hound Tell Time?

By: Lisa Batten Kunkleman

It’s five o’clock somewhere. Yes, indeed, it’s here, in my house. Somehow my dogs know it’s supper time and start pacing, then patting me on the leg as I sit typing at my desk. Our hound dog Sadie even starts faking asthma and breathing heavily. She has long nails that accentuate her tap dancing skills on our hardwood floor. Currently, at 5:07pm she is pacing and tapping all around my chair, huffing and puffing, with a little whimper thrown in for effect.

Hmm. She goes silent. I swivel to see her sitting like a gargoyle staring at the back of my head, waiting for me to turn to her solemn, staring face. People call her Single-Stare Sadie, since she always wears that same expression. This time, she begins to bang her tail on the floor for emphasis.

I shouldn’t have looked. Now she pokes her slick black head under my left elbow trying to tug my hand away from the keyboard. She wants to escort me into the kitchen where her feast awaits, closed away from her long snout, in a lidded trashcan.

How these pets sense it’s five o’clock I’ll never know. But they do, so I must oblige.

“Come on guys. Let’s go eat. Dang, Sadie. Control that whip of a tail.”

In the kitchen I stand ready to pour kibble in Sadie’s bowl.

“Spin around, Sadie. Good girl.”

2 thoughts on “Can My Hound Tell Time?

  1. Our dogs can tell time, too! It’s uncanny!


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