Using that Hurricane Water Once Again: Thanks to Hurricane Florence

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

Following Hurricane Matthew, I wrote about reusing our bathtub filled with emergency, hurricane water to wash our hound dog, Sadie.A Bathtub of Hurricane Prep Water? This year, we filled pots and pitchers with water in preparation for the very devastating Hurricane Florence that hit the Carolinas and Virginia.

Not wanting to waste the remaining water, we used it to refill the dogs’ water pot, for washing dishes, and for boiling eggs.


First, I used the water for the “float test” to determine if the two dozen expired eggs in the fridge were ok. This time, our electricity was only out briefly from the storm; otherwise, there would be no need to test the eggs. If you’re not familiar with the “float test” it is simply placing eggs in water to see if they sink or float. If they float, don’t eat them. They’re better in the compost pile than in your belly. Here’s a brief video of the process.


5 thoughts on “Using that Hurricane Water Once Again: Thanks to Hurricane Florence

  1. Glad you got through the hurricane and didn’t need all that water after all.

  2. Useful to know! This and the toenail thing. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

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