Restorative Yoga or an Organized Pantry for my Birthday?

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

An organized pantry with fresh bread, Goldfish, and Oreos. Is that too much to ask of my family for my birthday? I even Ashared an over-the-top neat pantry I saw on Facebook so my peeps would know what I meant. No problem. I gave them four days notice.IMG_7490

As a back up plan, I asked my husband to take a restorative yoga class with me which would be taught by our daughter Sarah, the Yogi. That request was simpler, so I thought maybe the yoga wish would come true. For those who don’t know, restorative yoga is not as intense as other types of yoga. It’s more about stretchin’ and chillin’. At the end, it’s peaceful music and lying on a mat with pillows and a blankie. Good stuff. Check out the downward dog.18C1C4A3-4E58-464C-858A-84EB108886CB_1_105_c

I didn’t expect the organization wish to happen but lo and behold, my daughter and son-in-law came through with a box of organizers and glass canisters. As we sat around their firepit toasting birthday marshmallows, my mind was already at out house in the pantry, tossing and rearranging. I dove right into the project about ten pm when we got home. Woo Hoo. I filled recycling bins and the trashcan with expired foods and saw shelf space galore. Of course I feel guilty about all that waste… I feel guilty for potentially squishing toads if I walk through wet grass. Don’t judge me.


Remember the kids’ “Highlights Magazine” had a section where you were supposed to find the differences in two pictures or find the hidden objects? Well, here’s your chance to be older and wiser at this seek and find game. If you’re really bored, see how many foods got trashed, moved or organized. Good luck.  I shall not tell you how many changes there are. You’re adults now. You don’t need hints nor prizes, since there are none.


Now doesn’t that feel better? It does to me. Thanks for a great birthday. Now how about that yoga? I need some restoration.

20 thoughts on “Restorative Yoga or an Organized Pantry for my Birthday?

  1. What a great photo, Lisa! I hope you had a fantastic birthday.

  2. Good for you! Happy birthday!

  3. Love the photo with the dog joining the yoga class. Yesterday when I did a video yoga session, one of my cats insisted on joining me, which entailed him sitting on my stomach. LOL

  4. Happy Birthday- what great ideas for ways to celebrate!? Who really needs another box of chocolates or fluffy slippers- love the pantry sorting ✅

  5. What a fantastic Birthday! Oooo, I would have loved that box of Pantry Sorting Stuff! I don’t blame you for getting stuck in at 10pm, I would have done that too. Nothing like ‘striking while the irons hot’ for getting things done.

    Belated Birthday greetings! ~ Cobs. x

  6. I have found my yoga practice for sure. I am glad you chucked that box of Special K. It doesn’t get any better with age!

  7. These are wonderful presents! You’re inspiring me to clean out some closets . . . Happy belated:).

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