March 10, 2020


Procrastinating or Saving the Landfills?

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

A prime example of procrastination involves my To Do List that I didn’t do. In addition to not writing, I did not make the phone calls on my list, nor do the online banking. I didn’t go to Lowes for longer cabinet knob screws, nor take the cat to the vet for shots. I did, however, attempt to remove a goopy candle from a small glass container and not toss it in the trash. The wick was gone and the wax was honey-like so I used hot water to loosen the wax so I could chop it up and pry it out with a butter knife.


It made sense at the time. That is, until I realized how many gallons of running hot water went down the drain and how much electricity I wasted in order to run the water heater. In my defense, I was attempting to save the landfill from one more useless item. Hmmm. That doesn’t sound as good as it felt while I was digging out the melted wax. Dang it. Even when I try extra hard to be a responsible earth citizen, my carbon footprint grows. Well shoot. But on the bright side, we have another glass.

9 thoughts on “Procrastinating or Saving the Landfills?

  1. when I was working in a hospital environment, I made a list every Monday of things to do that week. Every Monday I took the previous week’s list and wrote a few things that I did accomplish onto the next week’s list. That way I always started off the week feeling productive. Worked like a charm to keep the procrastination at bay! Now I do the same thing around the house, keep the “done” things on the ongoing list to keep me motivated. I am sure psychologists would have a field day with this theory/method, but worked/works for me!

  2. I can see me doing the same thing to get a candle out of a glass. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. I write a list and then add to it as new things are needed. I keep it on my writing table. It is currently 87 pages long. Here’s the candle solution, though. Put the candle on the desk and recycle the list. 😳

  4. LOL. I love your thouught process. When I used to try to carry too much during a show, I would want to kick myself because ultimately would break something in a way that was unrepairable until I got home.

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