Of Course I’m Wearing an Immobilizing Boot. Isn’t Everybody?

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

11 29 2016

Of course I need an Orthopedist and an immobilizing boot. It’s the thing to do these days, at least at our house. We injure bones and joints, causing limps and groans. We get X-rays and MRI’s that lead to steroids and physical therapy. We elevate and ice, heat and wrap.

We support our local bone doctors and staff, and we’re not alone. Exercise and sports injuries are everywhere.  Torn ACL’s. Knee replacements. Bunion-ectomies. Hip replacements. These days, so many people wear immobilizing boots, they’re almost a fashion statement. They certainly cost enough to be fashionable and serve as instant conversation starters. I’m now good friends with the guy in front of me at the grocery store.

“Oh, look! We’re twins.” The stranger in the grocery line looked up and smiled as I pointed at his big black boot.

“So how’d you get yours?”

“Chasing my dog around to get my new running shoe out of his mouth. I tripped in one of his holes in the yard. He’s a digger. How about you?”

“It’s a nerve injury called Morton’s Neuroma, from twisting my foot and ankle two months ago stepping off a curb. I ignored the pain until all day cooking for Thanksgiving did me in. I could hardly walk the next morning. I thought it was Plantar Fasciitis in my heels and Metatarsalgia in the balls of my feet like I’ve had before. It feels like walking on pebbles.”

The stranger nodded. “Oh, I’ve had that heel issue too. My PT had me freezing ice in a Styrofoam cup, and then tearing the bottom off the cup to rub the ice on my aching heels. What a cold, drippy mess. This time it’s a real fracture.”

“Wait a sec. I’ve got a picture of how huge and colorful it was at first. Check this out,” he said.

I looked at his pictures before pulling up my own. “Your swollen, purple mass looks a lot like mine, doesn’t it,” I said.

“Yep. Twins,” he said, pocketing his phone and handing his milk and eggs to the checkout clerk.

“Nothing like listening to all these Velcro straps crack and the boot clunk. But I don’t have to tell you how annoying all that Velcro can be,” I said, pushing my cart forward.

“Nope. I’m a boot expert now,” the stranger said as he picked up his bagged groceries to leave. “Good luck.”

“You too. Nice chatting with you.”

There I was talking with a stranger when I had four friends in boots. Maybe we should get together and discuss life in the latest foot fashion. I’ve only seen black immobilizers. Someone should invest in other colors. Red would be snazzy for Christmas and Valentine’s, too. It’s a pricey boot but with our track record, I’m sure I won’t be the last one to wear it.

21 thoughts on “Of Course I’m Wearing an Immobilizing Boot. Isn’t Everybody?

  1. Oh, sorry to hear and fast healing! I’ve had that as well but cured it at least temporarily with physical therapy, ice etc.
    Good luck!

  2. [J] I enjoyed going to the supermarket / grocery store with you! I don’t know how the boot was procured for you – by the practitioner (at a cost!!) or you can buy them in a pharmacy / drug store, but I would certainly think if coloured boots were available, they’d sell!

    • These lovely fashion statements are available at an orthopedist office near you. And perhaps at a medical supply retailer who could special order any color of the rainbow. As long as it’s black.

  3. ouch, sorry. speedy recovery to you –

  4. Oh joy! And just in time for the holidays. Ho ho NO!

  5. Oh no, Lisa. I’m so sorry to hear this. Praying for a speedy recovery. As a child, I seemed to always have a cast on one foot or the other…no fun.

    • I just read about how important it is to see a doctor about sprains to prevent more injuries. Glad you did something about yours. Without that boot you may have had dozens more. Ah

      • Yes, it is important. Of course, the first time I broke it, in gym class, my teacher made me get up and keep running. Two days later, I finally told my mother it hurt. By that time it was swollen like an egg plant. Take care!

  6. You always make me laugh….love your outlook ad how you find humor in everything. You are my role model!!!

    • Oh my gosh! You’re my role model. How about that. I was bragging about you to Lisa Otter Rose a few nights ago and showed her your art show three D post. She was very excited for you.

  7. Oh, my. I feel your pain. Mine sits in the back of my closet. I wrote recently about wearing it while Black Friday shopping. ☺ You’re so right, they need to make them in colors, fashion statement for sure. ☺

  8. When my wife had foot surgery, she had to use a knee-scooter. After she healed up, she had to give it back. Saddest day of my life, those things are so cool.

  9. Oh nooooo ~ But I have to admit I laughed at the comparison of photos 😉

    • Thanks. I clunked into Lowes today behind a man with a boot on and we were in perfect sync. He didn’t appear to want to socialize so I didn’t attempt. Sure wanted to say together we made a pair but…

  10. Yes, all in a boot. I’ve gotten mine off now. Working on getting back strength. It’s going, so so. Bit cranky at night too, with all sorts of pain creeping up from a long day. But in all, happy to be done with the boot. Like you will be too, when time comes!

  11. hello lisa kunk its dennis the vizsla dog hay all the kool kids ware boots!!! my brother tucker wore them off and on for a long time on akkownt of his issues with his wun toenail and he mayd shoor to tel me all the time how kool they ar!!! ok bye

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