June 26, 2018


Distractibility at Its Finest: If You Give a Writer An Idea


By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

Distracted as usual from my to do list, I spend far too much time on line reading other people’s blogs and enjoying chats with some of those bloggers. Those conversations, often spur me on to write more blog posts, which is a good thing. I figure I should do so while the ideas are on top of my memory file. Was that clever or confusing?  Blogging would be a good way to spend my time now, except I’m hibernating at the beach for a few days, to work toward finishing my ever-pending book within this decade. Actually, I’ll finish sometime this year if I learn to concentrate.


“Hey Squirrel, what’s in that feeder?”


There is a constant influx of captivating topics that swirl around in my head like clippings under a lawnmower, flinging toward the chute. They have to escape or the machinery becomes clogged. I have to launch that idea out into the grass. I mean the world. Hopefully you get that I’m attempting to make an analogy. Here’s an example of how my blogging mind works.


If you give a writer an idea

She’ll need to chew on it

If she chews on it

She’ll need to write it

If she writes it

She’ll need to edit it

If she edits it

She’ll need to share it

If she shares it

She’ll need to monitor it

If she monitors it

She’ll need to respond to responses

If she responds to responses

She’ll get another idea

If she gets another idea

She’ll need to chew on it


Now that I got that out of my head, I’ll get to work on the book. Until the next idea takes hold and distractibility wins over.  Then there’s that crowded beach beneath my tenth floor window.  I see one good empty spot near the water where my chair and umbrella would fit between the sea of umbrellas like a puzzle piece.

22 thoughts on “Distractibility at Its Finest: If You Give a Writer An Idea

  1. If you give a mouse a cookie….

  2. Actually, you described it perfectly.

  3. LOL! Exactly. 🙂
    Good luck on your book! My book will very soon be published, one I co-authored with a friend. It is possible! Don’t give up. 🙂

  4. Ah yes! WP bloggers are where creative people congregate.

  5. That’s a very accurate description of the blogging experience! And good luck with your book…

  6. That’s so spot on, Lisa! That poem’s well worth keeping in a safe place!

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  8. Exactly !! (All Smiles)
    Note: I have nominated you for Liebster award ,Please visit my blog.Thank you ❤

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