June 3, 2019


Pet Hair Piling up? Your Feet May Hold the Solution (This is not an ad. I’m just smart.)

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

Pet hair got you down? Tired of spending money on sticky rollers and gadgets to remove that hair? I’ve found the solution for your furniture, rugs, even your fabrics. Take off your sneakers and put them to work. Check the bottoms for gross stuff. Then use your cleanest pair to rub the rubber soles of your shoes all over that fluffy pet hair squishing it up into a ball and “Voila!” Hair-free surfaces and a cleaning process that doesn’t cost a dime (except for whatever you paid for those sneakers of course). Seriously. It works. Check out the before picture of my nasty cat tower.

Now take a look at my quick fur gathering system, courtesy of my walking shoes. Then scroll on down to see pictures of the final results.



Cleaning rugs is especially fun. Just scrub your sneakered feet around and the hair comes up in bunches. I found this out by accident rubbing my feet over a clump I saw on a carpet. I was amazed. I’d discovered a miracle method. Now y’all have fun. It’s almost as exciting as using a power washer to write on your pavement. Try it on your own fur covered house and let me know how it works. Enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Pet Hair Piling up? Your Feet May Hold the Solution (This is not an ad. I’m just smart.)

  1. I guess those sneakers don’t have flat soles

  2. Works great on our hair-covered seat cushions also!

  3. That is hilarious. Imagine someone coming to visit while I was walking around on the sofa in my sneakers.

  4. What a discovery! This way you will probably use more calories, build leg agility and muscle, save finger dexterity for more blogging and make more discoveries – like me! 😀 Very sweet comment you made to me on my “me” blog. I came over and what did I find…YOU. I’m sure you can teach me more stuff. It is not true that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but some are to stubborn to change! My family just swamped in on my – seven g-grands,

  5. I think I would do it only with new-not-ever-worn sneakers. But that is just me. I just vacuum, gives me a reason to use all the gadgets that come with the vacuum. 🙂

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