July 16, 2016


What’s in Your Drawers?


By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

“I found five clippers and got stuck twice by the same pushpin while searching for one paperclip in your top desk drawer. I took the change for pain and suffering.”


These are the words my husband texted to me while I vacationed by a lake. He included a photo of the offending drawer and contents where he was punctured. I’m surprised he didn’t mention the out-stretched, hazardous rubber band atop my pens, pencils and Sharpies, a multi-color array of writing implements.


What could I text back except, “I love office supplies. About that $2.08 in change? Don’t spend it all in one place.”


Once I arrived home and settled into my desk to write, I pulled hard on the top drawer to find an assortment of useful items the hubby didn’t mention. Nail files, sticky notes, tiny notepads, and my grandfather’s one-hole punch. I saw large clamps and clips, my old auto-inking address stamp, and a pack of Stim-u-dent plaque removers. The plaque removers are little more than thin slivers of wood, basically, fancy toothpicks introduced to me by my father-in-law.


The best find was fourteen dollars squirreled away for pizza delivery tips and other such emergencies. The hubby swiped my change but left my bills. Guess he didn’t have all that much pain and suffering.


Don’t you just love other people plundering through your messy drawers? Nobody wants to feel shame about his or her treasures. Everybody needs a junk drawer. What’s in your drawers? I’d love to see a real photo before it’s all organized.  OK people, minds out of the gutters. We’re adults here.



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9 thoughts on “What’s in Your Drawers?

  1. I will be the ‘butt’ of your drawers stories anytime, Dear

  2. he may have taken some change but the best take on this is the change that took place after 😛

    Organized drawer? hehee

  3. How did you take a picture of my drawers, Lisa? All of my desk drawers are identical to yours! I love pens, highlighters, post-its…anything found in STAPLES!

  4. I know. Right? I have a $5.0o off coupon that expires today and a storms brewing. Hope the power stays on so I can order something on-line. Loved your hummingbirds.

  5. You’ve gotta have a junk drawer in the house!

  6. Great post. I agree but only one Junk Drawer is allowed.

  7. As I work from home, all my pens, writing implements, etc. are fairly well-ordered. My junk drawer is in the kitchen. I could take and send a photo, but not sure how to get it to you.

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