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Emtpy Nest Between Thanksgiving and Christmas: (It’s shorter than you think)

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

I wrote this little ditty, several weeks ago and almost waited too late to post it with Christmas just days away. I’m rushing to get this out, just like the family photo Christmas cards I never got around to sending last year that will go out next week, only one year late. Don’t judge. I even write personal notes in each one. That deserves an award, if you ask me. We’re keeping the post office afloat. Besides, we haven’t changed that much in a year, so who will know?

Hint: Keep “The Night Before Christmas” kind of rhythm going while you read this aloud to yourself or to the pets.

(To all our family: Keep in mind that we thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and we’ll see you back real soon, ya hear? We should charge admission to the cat fights and doggie wide world wrestling matches.)

Empty Nest: Reprieve?

The house is all quiet

it’s like a reprieve,

it’s good when they come

but it’s great when they leave. 

Our pets are relaxing

just lying around,

no grand dogs or grand cats

at all to be found.

The fire in the fireplace

crackles and pops,

while Hubby in front

of the hearth always flops.

Our large empty nest

was full for Thanksgiving,

laughing and hugging

and enjoying living.

Sixteen used two legs

and nine walked with four,

which makes twenty five

but it seemed like much more

The children and pets

have all gone away

we’ll build up our stamina

For the next holiday.

*Disclaimer: I hear we aren’t alone in needing a break from the festivities to wind down a bit. Be brave. Admit it’s overwhelming and enjoy your “me” time when you can. Sneak off to buy more coffee or mustard. It’s okay.

16 thoughts on “Emtpy Nest Between Thanksgiving and Christmas: (It’s shorter than you think)

  1. Love it! Sentiments are shared.

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  2. Great post! Have to share it with my Mom, I.know she will love it!

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  3. Absolutely love it!!! Great post!

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  4. You are spot on: it’s nice when they visit and nice when they leave. We love ours to death, but the quiet is what I crave when they are gone. We have been empty nesters for some time now, and my time now is full of music and writing (both my book and blog). The biggest perk when I retired two years ago was no alarm clock at 4 AM. I taught almost 50 yrs. and it was time for a new chapter. Life is good. My book, by the way, is a poetic memoir and full of family stories. I can’t imagine having triplets, but it appears you survived. Kudos to you! Happy 2018!


  5. I love the post and rhyming poetry in general – especially when it mimics my own life!

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    • Thanks so much. I had a couple of birdies fly in this weekend and it was delightful watching them get along so well as adults and even go climbing together at an indoor climbing wall. Hearing them discuss going to do so on real rocks is not so delightful. Don’t know where they got that urge to be mountain goats.


    • Thanks for reading and following. I think we are living nearly the same existence. Have a lovely day.


    • Aw thanks. Not many rhyming poetry fans out there these day. My mind thinks like Dr Seuss met Shel Silverstein who was hanging with Erma Bombeck.


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