April 7, 2019


Jellyfish Have it Rough to Be So Smooth

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

When I walk on the beach, I look for oddities. I think jellyfish fall into that odd category so I always take a moment to honor the life of the poor washed up jellyfish. Actually, I measure them with my big old feet and admire how each blob is different. Nature sure is creative. I take a picture to remember them by. Ha Really I do it because I’m a little odd myself and take pictures just because they are unusual critters. And “they’re” using them in medicine to help increase memory so I heard. If that’s so, I should say, “Thank you.”

Rest In Peace guys.

13 thoughts on “Jellyfish Have it Rough to Be So Smooth

  1. They are interesting aren’t they! 🙂

  2. Wow! There were plenty of them. I’d have to admit I never saw one up close and personal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love it. As a kid I was equally fascinated with them and spent time studying each one.

  4. Those are some really weird and unusual looking jellyfish. What a variety!!


  5. I look at them on the beach, but don’t take pictures. It’s unusual to see them in winter … were theses recent? I noticed jeans on you in some pictures!

    • Yes. The last week of March. Weather in NC and SC changes by the hour. In Charlotte last Tues before I left for the beach, we had a surprise snow storm. Melted by afternoon and sixty degrees the next day. At North Myrtle Beach last week where I was it was forty one day and 75 ish a couple of days. We wear layers and peel off as needed. Ha

  6. I have never seen a jellyfish up close – never at all really, outside a nature program. So interesting and complex! Thanks!

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