April 12, 2019


Think of Chores as a Workout

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

Who needs a gym when you have farm and yard work to do? Pull some weeds, pick up sticks, rake some straw. Or, do a full day’s work before “work”.

Here’s one example of my husband’s morning workout before he leaves for his real job.


9 thoughts on “Think of Chores as a Workout

  1. I have a serious case of tractor envy.

  2. I am most impressed with his shirt!

  3. Ooh that does look like quite the workout! Love the shirt…. Clearly a happy camper.


  4. I love these stories! By the way, we are in the middle of a substantial re-landscaping project ourselves. We spent all last week working hard not smart in the yard. You know, you and Dan have never been up to visit. (p.s. bring the tractor.) Bwahahaha.

    • Thanks for the invite. Not sure how far it would ride in Charlotte traffic. Not like Columbus County where they rise down the road just like a car but slower.

  5. This time of year I am happy to begin cleaning things up outside and using my muscles for productive work rather than just swimming and climbing in and out of the car. Tonight, though, I’m achy all over from cleaning out the barn stall and spreading straw on the garden. Usually it is a happy ache, knowing I did something goo. Tonight it’s just tired and I want to curl up in bed.

  6. Absolutely agree. That’s the way I think of chores too! They are my workout…Multi-tasking at its best. 🙂

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