April 8, 2016


I’m His Sheep

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

Returning from my morning walk, I see my black and white dog, Remy, waiting for me just on the other side of his invisible fence. Sheltie or border collie-sheltie mix, it doesn’t matter his official breed. He’s my shepherd. My bodyguard, and he takes his job seriously. Remy paces until I return safely from anywhere I go: the bathroom, the kitchen, or a walk off our property. He is a working breed dog who herds me and protects me day and night. I am his human sheep.


He sees me coming down the road and rises from his spot to wag his tail. He stays in the same three by six area, formerly grassy, now turned up red clay soil where he dances and paces until I return safely. Maintaining his position, he watches my arrival while the other dogs sniff around for rabbits and moles. They take off to chase a squirrel and even that, which is Remy’s favorite sport, doesn’t tempt him to stop waiting for me.


The ever-working Remy makes sure that the clamoring, large green trash bin that I’m rolling up from the end of our long asphalt driveway is not attacking me. Assured at last that I’m in no danger, he dances behind his invisible fence line never daring to go across it lest he feel the collar’s sting. Once I’m on his side of the fence line, he dances around my legs, herding me all the way up the incline of our driveway.


I enjoy being somebody’s sheep, guarded and protected. He looks at me the way some people look at the love of their life. I’m his. It’s more than puppy love.


10 thoughts on “I’m His Sheep

  1. This is beautiful! Made me smile.

  2. There’s nothing more special than the love of a dog. Very nice post.

  3. He is so gorgeous. We create such a special bond with our pets. 🐾❣

  4. Thanks. He reminds me of a skunk if you look down on his head. He has a beautiful design where black meets white fur. Love those critters.

  5. How I love this post. Yes, Remy is your shepherd, you are his sheep. My Henry was a golden, but he shepherded me just the same. How lucky are we – to have (had) such love surrounding us?

  6. This sure does make me miss having a dog. It’s being the center of another being’s life in a way that no human can equal, (at least I’ve haven’t met them yet!). An exuberance upon my arrival home that instantly erased the crappiest day and made from that moment on one where everything would be OK no matter what. Thanks for this post.

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