Let Your Little Light Shine

Another reason I can't write

Another reason I can’t write

Lisa Batten Kunkleman


I used to feel so guilty sitting at my computer for hours at a time. People walking by have no idea what I write, type, or peruse on that wide screen. My husband is always busy, looking productive while I must look anything but. He does nothing to make me feel this way. He is very supportive of my writing, offering essay ideas or saying, “That could be a title for one of your stories or a book.”

I think we often guilt ourselves for wasting time being creative. But, we are given our gifts to use, enjoy, and share. The artist inside us is a crazy little child wanting to get out and play whether alone or with others who enjoy the same activities.

The world of bloggers sharing their thoughts and insights is a wealth of information. It’s like having access to peoples’ minds and best ideas and it’s ok to be nosey and read them. I find I often spend more time reading blogs than writing my own but I’m learning from the experience of others and after all, experience is a wonderful teacher. Part of the process of any craft is learning and then practicing what you learn.

I’m starting to let go of this guilt and instead think of my desk time when I appear to stare mindlessly at the computer as productive education and as a daily on-line class. It’s my joyful playtime as a writer and an artist, using my gift however good or not-so-good it is. If I feel so driven to put words to paper, it must be the work, play, or talent I’m supposed to use. The Great Artist who gave us our gifts meant for us to use them.

Guilt and feeling like we’re wasting time can keep us from using our talents and that can be a real shame. Let yourself enjoy the gift you’ve been given. Use it. Now what’s that verse about not hiding your light under a bushel? As my grandmother used to say, “Let your little light shine.”

4 thoughts on “Let Your Little Light Shine

  1. AMEN! Banish that guilt! Let your creative child frolic!

  2. It’s difficult to shake the guilt, but when your loved ones are supportive, it makes it much easier.
    I can relate to what you said about spending time reading blogs, Lisa. It can be very time consuming and for someone who works full-time, outside the home, it interferes with my writing time, but I do enjoy it. 🙂

  3. So true. I can relate sister.

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