July 18, 2019


What’s in Your Fridge?

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

I wonder if the contents of a fridge tell what a person really treasures, or how he lives his life. Lord have mercy? I hope not. If a researcher looked into our fridge about an hour ago, they would think we valued out-of-date milk, slimy veggies, and a ton of cheese and condiments. And he’d think we didn’t value food. There was no room for real food. IMG_3323

Even I was shocked at the refrigerator’s contents. We’ve been gone an awful lot lately so we haven’t kept the fridge stocked with fresh food. After spotting and removing the Romaine lettuce and the cucumber that had converted to brown water, I pulled out the crisper drawer for a full-blown soapy baptism in the sink. One thing led to another. Pulling the trash and recycling containers beside me to start purging, I dove in with fierce energy. Immediate gratification and feeling of accomplishment, here I come.IMG_3322

That’s when Mr. Environmental Conscience dropped in for a chat. “You need to rinse out that Fairlife Milk bottle and those jelly jars. Oh, and you should compost those old veggies. The worms would appreciate them. Worms gotta eat too, ya know?”


Shrugging Mr. Conscience off my shoulder, I took all thirteen of the most ancient condiment containers to the sink for later processing. It reminds me of another event I wrote about several years ago.  Empty Nest Flutterings: The Multiplying Condiment Miracle   Sorry. I digressed. Back to work. I didn’t want to slow my momentum, not to mention that the refrigerator door and drawers were standing wide open letting the cold air out.

Immersing myself in sanitizing, I realized we have some kind of problem. Who needs sixteen packs of cheese, especially in a lactose intolerant household? Who needs more than three dozen containers of salsa, jams, and mayonnaise? Olives? We don’t even eat olives yet we have two slightly used jars of the green ovals. Wonder how long a jar of baby beets can survive? There’s no date on the nearly full jar. And what about that unopened key lime juice? That stuff’s not cheap. Man I hate to pour that out.IMG_3330

Wow, so much expired vegan food that our daughter left here months ago. Shoot, I should take pictures of it so I know what brand of tempeh to buy since she’s coming home in a few days and needs something besides avocados and chickpeas. After all, she can’t help eat the cheese.

Ahhh. Done at last. The proud feeling of achievement may carry me for a few days. At least until I make a big grocery run to replace all that stuff I just tossed. I’m gonna try to avoid cheese and condiments. We’ve got plenty of them. I probably won’t even know they are there until the next time I purge the fridge and toss them in the out-of-date bin.IMG_3326 But more likely, I probably won’t pitch them until they are furry and making their own penicillin.IMG_3328


18 thoughts on “What’s in Your Fridge?

  1. So funny! If my son would leave ANY food in the fridge, we would have the same problem!

  2. Glad to know someone else has a fridge problem like we do. LOL!

  3. I hate that little mean voice which chatters while I clean out the refrigerator/ “Why didn’t you use that? What a waste? Why can’t you plan better? People are starving in______.” Glad to know that you get into the same muddle.

  4. So far nothing’s reached out and grabbed me while I was cleaning out my fridge, so I consider myself lucky.

  5. I have iced coffee, half & half, seltzer and a few random food items. Yikes. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. Lulu: “We don’t really know what’s in our fridge. We’re not allowed to go shopping in there.”
    Chaplin: “I saw the inside a few times.”
    Lulu: “How?”
    Chaplin: “Well I jumped into it when Dada opened the door.”
    Charlee: “I did that too.”
    Lulu: “Well what did you find out?”
    Chaplin: “That it’s cold in the fridge!”

  7. Why so much butter. 🤔

    • That is an excellent question. Baking occasions come and go and the massive amount of baking by some of our four kids and family doesn’t happen and we never eat it so there it sits…That’s the best explanation I can come up with.

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