Sometimes Ugly is Good for You or My Ugly Smoothies By Lisa Kunkleman

Since posting this in 2016, while I feel much better from the outside in, my cholesterol levels budged only a little. After my miracle worker doctor finally convinced BCBS I was a great candidate for Repatha self-injections twice a month, I’m seeing nearly normal numbers for the first time in about two decades. Hereditary cholesterol issues are a bear to fight but the Repatha is working like magic. And no side effects for the girl who hates drugs due to the side effects. If you have lipid issues and have tried everything to fix them, you might consider asking about this. And by the way, nobody is paying me to say this. I wish they were.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes Ugly is Good for You or My Ugly Smoothies By Lisa Kunkleman

  1. Lisa, one of the important things to consider is what else you are eating, for the rest of your day. If you want to lower cholesterol, ( and be in pretty good overall health) one of the best ways is a vegan diet. Or at least, eating as many fresh, ideally raw, organic fruits and veggies throughout the day. A raw kale salad ( kale massaged with salt and lemon) is delicious. Add avocado, nuts,tomatoes…

    There are many books and online sites with smoothie/green drink combos. If you put too many ingredients you end up with an ugly brown drink. If you stick to a few ingredients for example, one of my favorites, kale, pineapple, ginger, lemon, cucumber, you eill get a deep green color drink. No need to reinvent the wheel, copy other combos from “recipes” and experiment with them.

    You might enjoy this post:



    • Thanks so much. I’m experimenting with all kinds of things and have come a long way from the early “eat it with a spoon,” smoothies. Yuck. Thanks for the ideas. I’ll check out the post. I eat lots of kale salads and change it up with all kinds of good stuff. I’m not ready for vegan but my daughter is pretty close. I don’t care for meat but I sure do love eggs.

  2. Statins work for me thankfully, though the first one sent me into a depression(an uncommon side effect.) Glad you found something that works for you.

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