Oh, Christmas Flu

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

Just kidding about the cat. He was not hugging the commode but was drinking in this picture and actually, he’s been drinking heavenly toilet water for several years now. However, with our triplets home from college and lots of family around, the two legged critters in our house or some of the adult children who’ve visited have sported some variation of flu, virus, and or sinus crud. Tamiflu and the fireplace help. In addition, we’re bringing on the natural remedies. Drinking delicious Turmeric Golden Milk as I type.

Health is on the way. I can feel it. We’re getting sick germs out of the way for the new year.

Warning. Video is depressing and lacks beautiful melody and the bottom of my face. This is how we roll right now. Kind of running on half speed. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

17 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Flu

  1. Feel better and Happy 2018!

  2. We have both had it this week. Ginger ale and rice. Ugh.

  3. Get well soon!

  4. Just about everyone I know is sick right now. Ugh for sure.

  5. Hit me too!!! Love your humor with the song!

  6. Happy and healthy 2018 to you and yours. Love the kitty making use of the toilet for drinking water. Here’s to good health!


  7. Get well soon! My hubby has being coughing his way through christmas and right into the new year. I’ve escaped so far!

  8. My hubby applauded your song! 😊 He had bronchitis and I had the flu… I think we are done with the stuff! Lol! 🤧 Loved the photo of your Lab hugging your child. Animals always know when we need a little extra love! ❤️

    • Yay. I have a fan club. Hope ya’ll stay well. And yes, animals are the best caregivers (except for my son’s cat who would bite me on the head before he’d let me snuggle him)

  9. Love your pics…and your little “ditty”….lol….. sending you healing vibes over the miles between Ohio and NC! 🙂

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