22 thoughts on “I Just Realized I’m Old

  1. Aunt Lois told me a very long time ago, “I’m not very old, but I have such old children!!” I have used that quote a lot!! Thank you, Aunt Lois:)

  2. Your mum is gorgeous. What an inspiration.

  3. Age is an attitude!

  4. What an awesome post and amazing woman. Happy belated birthday to your mum. 💖😊

  5. My dad won the oldest father award at his church yesterday… a mug with the inscription, “this is what a chill dad looks like.” He was tickled by the gift!

  6. She’s a pure inspiration. 🙂

  7. The Time magazine had an article about longevity years ago. After they interview 4 people who lived beyond 100 years old. They concluded that the common traits of these 4 people are: diet, activity, optimism, and community. The latest “healthy aging” added one more element – new learning, to keep the neurons active. That’s what I’m doing. I’m taking 2 to 3 classes every semester at a program held at State University in 26 States in this country. I don’t know if NC has one. the program was found by Osher. So the name of the program is OLLI ( Osher Lifelong Learning Institute)
    Your mom is still looking good and so cared about people around her! belated hay birthday to your mom!

    • Thanks so much. The classes sound like a great idea. I take writing classes and am in the Charlotte Singers choral which makes us constantly stretch our brains learning complicated parts (as in soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and I’m soon planning to start taking piano lessons again. I took all through school but want to play well. We’ll see how much new learning this brain can take. I’ll check out the OLLI. Sounds interesting. Oh and my mother is an artist and loves to use her IPad. Both good learning brain stretchers.

  8. Oh, don’t click on my gravatar. It’s not working right. It takes you to my old site that is supposed to be locked up (turned private). You have access to my new site, continue to use that. Thank you!

  9. Your Mom looks absolutely beautiful. Good for her to be on an Ipad, exploring and continuing to learn is what keeps us young at heart. Happy Birthday to her.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom, Lisa! She looks wonderful! And I had to laugh when you wrote about how people react disbelieving to her age – how wonderful! Age truly is an attitude. 🙂

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