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Squabble, Tiff, or Spat: Just Fix It

Life Stories and Beyond

Squabble, Tiff, or Spat: Just Fix It

It’s amazing how a small thing can turn into a large, loud, ridiculous argument in a flippin’ fuschia minute. (That’s a play on red-hot minute) Mere seconds before, life is coasting along fine and suddenly, one person’s mouth opens and says something without knowing it will be taken the wrong way by the other party and BAM! The peace is split wide open. Torn and ripped with a zillion jagged edges and it all started because one person is either insensitive or the other is overly sensitive or perhaps it’s both. And a spat is born.

Maybe it doesn’t even matter what was said or who was testy or touchy. What matters is where this event takes those squabbling people. If the relationship is an unhealthy one, where the event takes them may be to dissolve the relationship. Sometimes, that is for the…

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