May 26, 2016


The Liebster Award

Leibster Award. I’m a recipient thanks to Shaz. I’ve answered questions about myself. Now, I am nominating the blogs listed below and hope they accept or at least feel honored to be recognized. Thanks again Shaz. for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It means a lot to me!

11 Things About Me :

I am from a small town; Whiteville, NC, USA near the Atlantic Ocean.

I now live almost three hours away on my husband’s family farm in suburbia, part of the biggest city in NC, Charlotte.

I have four young adult kids, the original model, aged 26 and 19-year-old triplets. It’s a wild ride for my husband, Dan and me.

I have a body that keeps doctors on their toes. Mystery ailments started in 2002 and in searching for one thing, we found some surprising others. But keep on going. Never know what will crop up in life.

I have great empathy for people with hidden pain or conditions. Looking fine doesn’t always mean a person is fine.

I have a huge family. Our family reunion invitations only touch the surface if we send out 200.

I love learning from older members of our family: jokes, tales, history, how they did all they did.

I love taking pictures and videos and drive my family a little nuts with this obsession. My mom has the same issues. I’m so glad she ignored us and took lots of pictures and kept records and some of our belongings. We are keepers of records.

I love keeping journals, datebooks, calendars, old check registers, receipts…anything that has history included.

I keep all my texts, just about, as history. It’s like a living diary of many people’s lives.

I’m obsessed with way too many things. I’m so sentimental I have a hard time eliminating things. Not junk, I mean photos, kids schoolwork that has meaning/essays/drawings and such. My phone shows this too. It’s always out of space.


Now, About the 11 Questions I had to Answer.

1) What is your overall life goal? To bring joy to other people’s lives. And for my loved ones to live a good, happy life.
2) If you have a really bad day, what’s the one thing that can brighten it up? A cup of coffee sitting outside in my swing or glider. Or walking around our farm taking in sights and sounds of nature. Oh and rubbing our animals.
3) When did you catch the travel bug, if you love travelling? Doing mission work as a youth leader at our church. My husband and I have both traveled inside and outside the US on these trips and have taken our teenaged/young adult kids with us. Life changing experiences. Also traveling with family and friends.
4) What’s the one thing you cannot travel without? Vaseline lip therapy.
5) What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you on a trip? Traveling with my Mom and brother on a leaf-watching trip in New England, having no car or hotel because my AAA travel agent reserved our car in Manchester, England instead of the Manchester in New Hampshire, USA. Also booked a hotel in New Hampshire instead of Vermont in a town by same name. We were fine though. Found both a car and a room in the middle of nowhere by some miracle.
6) Do you have a memorable (cultural) experience? So many. One is eating cui in Peru. Guinea pigs are pets in the US. Of course, it tastes like chicken.
8) Have you been somewhere that turned out to be completely different to what you imagined? Hawaii. I expected many sandy beaches and didn’t expect chickens to be on the beaches and everywhere in Kauai. The water was really rough and it was hard to find areas to snorkel and swim. Also, we had no air conditioning and it was hot as blazes in July. Everyone said it was unusually steamy. Oh the humidity.

9) Is there something you do (routine etc.) when away from home that you wouldn’t do otherwise? Get up to see the sunrise.
10) Which comforts of home do you miss most when on the road? Fully stocked kitchen and laundry room.
11) If you could do anything to make this world a bit better, what would it be? Be kind and hope it spreads like wildfire. Share stories with people. We all have them. Some people simply need a listener, a kind face with interest and attention. Oh, and get rid of brash, bullying, angry world leaders in favor of level-headed people with compassion and strength and wisdom.

Now 11 questions I would ask my nominees.

I hope you’ll like my questions. I borrowed them from others and made some of my own.

1) What career ambition(s) did you have as a child?
2) If you could get a redo in life, what would you do? If anything.
3) What does wealth mean to you?
4) What are the top 5 books you have enjoyed or recommend?

5) What is your wildest experience thus far?

6) If traveling to a new place, are you nervous and if so, why?

7) What five things would be on a list of things you love?

8) What, do you think are some of the most beautiful things of all?

9) If you had the power to change things, what would they be?

10) What scares you the most?

11) What’s the hardest or best thing about being a blogger? What have you learned that’s helped so far?
Here are the rules for the Liebster Award, in case you don’t know what to do (I didn’t know them myself):
1) Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them.
2) Make a blog post telling 11 facts about you,
3) Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you, and
4) Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate.
5) Nominate 11 new bloggers (those who have less than 200 followers) by commenting in one of their blog posts. (My nominees may not meet the follower criteria but I enjoy them and want to share their work.)

That’s about it. Or the tip of the iceberg.

Lisa K

Finally, I would like to nominate the following fine folks as bloggers for the Leibster Award. Hope you will accept : )

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  1. Hi Lisa, Thank you for the award. I will decline to participate though as I’m in the midst of a picture book launch. Good luck with the award and congrats to you too.

  2. Congratulations Lisa 😊

  3. Thank you for accepting, Lisa.Very well answered. All the best☺

  4. Congratulations! Have a great weekend!

  5. Congratulations on this award, Lisa! And thank you for nominating me, however, I will have to decline. I’m truly grateful that you thought to put my blog on your list of nominees. Have a wonderful Memorial weekend, my friend!

    • Hi again. I’m behind on correspondence so we did have a nice weekend. I hope you enjoy this one. A week later. And you’re welcome. I enjoy your work.

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