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We Got a Real Snow This Time

Sometimes one has to eat their words while eating a snowball. Yes we had more snow this time than a broom could handle.

Life Stories and Beyond

By Lisa Batten Kunkleman

Back in 2015, I made fun of our piddling little snow storm saying all we needed was a broom to clear a path. Well, two years later, I have to eat my words at least a nibble. We have real, honest to goodness fluffy snow. Not ice and haven’t lost power for a change. Better knock on wood from saying that. This time, I’ll pull out not just the broom but copy a friend’s idea and use the leaf blower. It looks like this snow may stick around for more than twenty-four hours since it’s going down to fifteen degrees tonight. But have no fear. It’s going back up into the sixties for the weekend. And that’s why we love a snow day in the south. We all know it’s best to close everything especially school, and keep drivers off the road. Might as well make…

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2 thoughts on “We Got a Real Snow This Time

  1. Gorgeous horse…the trees look beautiful and enjoy the snow while you can. 🙂

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